SGMP Celebrates 40 Years Together

SGMP has convened the 40th Anniversary Task Force with a number of exciting initiatives. Here’s a sampling of what is in the works.

Celebration Kitchen – A fun social media push to give members and suppliers a way to showcase your culinary skills and/or promote your venue properties. To participate, we will ask you to record a short themed video with these themes: The New and Revamped Lunch Box (May), What’s in your Picnic Basket (July), and America’s Favorite Meal 40 Years Ago (October).  Information Flyer  - Stay tuned for more details.

1.  May 24-28, 2021  Lunch Box Madness:  The New & Revamped Lunch Box

SGMP 40th Anniversary Ruby Run – A virtual and in-person run will be held September 21st during the National Education Conference.

Online Chapter Scrapbooks – Chapters will be invited to compile history, photos and memorabilia in an online chapter scrapbook for all to share. For more information click here.   As a sample please enjoy the Scrapbook of the 40th Anniversary Task Force!!!  We will update it throughtout the year. 

Anniversary Cookbooks – Plans are afoot from the Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustees to create an anniversary cookbook. More details to come.

What SGMP means to our members through the years.   Blog

In honor of the 40th Anniversary support SGMP with a special $40 donation.  All donations help fund National Education Events as well as the Society as a whole.
Stay in touch with us on, where we will be posting updates!