Top Young Professionals Under 37 - LaTwanda Broughton

Learn more about SGMP's own 'Georgia Peach,' LaTwanda Broughton.  LaTwanda is a government planner in the state SGMP Georogia Peach chapter. 
The Government Planning World According to LaTwanda Broughton

Who/What influenced you to become involved in the government meeting industry?
I fell into the government meeting industry. After graduating college, my classmate asked if I would copy documents for the consulting firm where she worked. My organizational skills impressed the owner and she hired me to plan meetings for a contract they recently won.

Share an accomplishment that you are very proud of…In February 2015, I began a new job to plan CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service Conference that was set to occur in April 2015. I successfully planned the 2,400+ attendee conference in two months.

How would you prepare for the future success of the government meeting industry? Staying abreast of regulations and actively building connections within the industry will prepare me for the future success of the government meeting industry.

LaTwanda Broughton was nominated by Andrea Scott Murphy.  Here's what Andrea had to say about LaTwanda.
LaTwanda Broughton has worked as a government meeting planner for 11+ years. She is a Program Specialist in the Epidemiology Workforce branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this role she oversees planning and execution of annual branch events including the Epidemic Intelligence Service Conference, a premier conference for the public health community with attendance of 2,500+ participants. She currently serves as President of the Georgia Peach Chapter of SGMP. As a subject matter expert in government meeting planning she provides knowledge of federal regulations, meeting stakeholders, and conference logistics to fellow CDC planners.

SGMP Leadership Positions:
1. Chapter President
2. Chapter Newsletter Chair
3. National Membership Committee

Community Service: (Local non-profit, PTA, local food bank, etc.)
1. Cool Girls (Volunteer)
2. Develops outreach communications for several local non-profits: SGMP-GA Peach; Life Center Ministries, Retired NFL Players Association, Jamaica Project USA

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