My Thoughts on Studying and Passing the CGMP Exam

Carolyn B. Wence, CGMP, CMP is a Gilmer Institute of Learning Education and Programming Trustee as well as a member of the Greater Oregon Chapter of SGMP.
In 1990, I was working for the Oregon State Bar, first as a Senior Secretary, but one month after I started, they moved me into an area to start planning their continuing legal education programs. Since I was thrown into this, but well organized, I turned to my membership in MPI, Oregon chapter. Found out I could study and learn lots more about planning meetings, etc., so I studied and passed my CMP exam and became a Certified Meeting Professional in 1990.
In 2006, I joined the Oregon chapter of SGMP and knew I needed to know more about my role doing work for government contracts. Most of Oregon government still do not know what having a CGMP behind your name means. But, I took the exam and passed and it has helped me to secure contracts I might not have even considered.
I think education in general is something all of us need and so grateful we keep offering the CGMP classes at our National meetings, but also at chapters if they can round up enough to have Ms. Garland Preddy come to them for the trainings.
I have had many people say they approach because I show CGMP and CMP behind my name, so my advice to members, get to a class and join us with these initials behind your name on your business card.