Top 3 Reasons that CVBs Save Meeting Planners Time

Mary Zucchero, CDME, CGMP, is the Executive Director at Livingston County Convention & Visitors Bureau, a suburb of the Greater Detroit area and also long-time SGMP Supplier.  Mary is excited to give you three ways a CVB can help you with your next meeting.  You can connect with Mary on LinkedIn: or her place of business at

Conventions and visitors' bureaus (CVB's) provide complimentary services and advice, which helps meeting planners be efficient in many ways. Utilizing the CVB saves you time, and the more time you have to focus on your priorities, the better decisions you will make for your meeting. The top three reasons that CVB's help meeting planners save valuable time are:  

1.  Accommodations Selection Assistance
Have you ever booked a meeting and discovered that another citywide or large event has taken most of the rooms, leaving you with fewer rooms than you need at a cost higher than you were prepared to pay? The CVB is in the know when it comes to what is going on in the area and is ready to assist you. They will qualify your needs, help you select accommodations and advise you on dates (around big events if needed) that will keep you on budget. 

2.  Local Connections
We all know the CVB is a great source of free visitor information - guides, maps, events listings, etc., but don't forget about utilizing the staff. They have extensive knowledge of the local area. They are often called the eyes and ears of the city for a reason. The CVB staff are connected to accommodations, restaurants, entertainment, meeting venues, government entities, attractions and many other suppliers and organizations. You know what you need to make the meeting run smoothly and the CVB knows what works best in their area. Before you start searching online (which we all know can go on for hours), contact the CVB and let them be your guide. They will help you choose the location and supplier that best fit your needs. 

3.  Site inspections
The CVB can make your site visit easy and enjoyable. We all know sometimes GPS doesn't take us to our location and it can't anticipate city activities. The CVB has their pulse on what is happening where and how much travel time is needed to get from one venue to the next. All the suppliers on your list will be prepared and ready for your arrival and the CVB staff will be by your side the entire time to help you. Let the experts schedule your itinerary and assist you with your site inspection to help your day go efficiently and smoothly.