What SGMP has meant to our members throughout the past 40 years.

What SGMP has meant to our members throughout the past 40 years.

16.  Jan Thor, CMP, Pacific Northwest Chapter Immediate Past President and former National Board Member.

Thirty-six year ago, I joined SGMP…and I never left!  Why?  Because SGMP did what it said it would do.  It provided the Education, Networking, and Resources I needed to produce quality and cost-effective meetings for my Federal agency.  AND SO MUCH MORE!  Through the years, the Education has remained state-of-the-art and always on point to what is happening in the industry at the time; the Networking and Resources have provided a National base of colleagues who, at my asking, offere advice and recommendations in all areas of meeting planning and management to help me do my job better.  I have enjoyed leadership roles in the organization--having served on numerous Chapter committees, and on my Chapter Board, as well as on numerous National committees, and on the National Board—which has been a highlight of my mem
bership and a true joy to me both professionally and personally.    And the friends…. oh, the wonderful friends!  Thank you SGMP, and congratulations on 40 YEARS!

15.  Myron L. Jones, North Carolina Chapter
I have been a member of SGMP for 18-years and the information I receive on a continuous basis is very helpful, current, and educational. I have served in multiple positions in my NCSGMP Chapter and it is amazing how timely the information I impart is due to the proactiveness of our social media team. I joined SGMP during my first year in the tourism industry and by doing so, I've met some of the greatest professionals and many have become lifelong friends and mentors. SGMP allowed me to expand my knowledge of planning meetings and my attention to detail is amazing.

14. Joyce Fogg, Old Dominion Chapter
Being a part of SGMP has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life, both professionally and personally.   As I became active and involved in the Old Dominion Chapter, I learned many new things about meeting planning.  I met people who could mentor and show me how industry leaders, especially in the Convention and Visitors Bureaus, as well as fellow members in the association, could assist me in accomplishing super meetings.  The educational programs and tips from fellow members have been invaluable.  The networking is an atmosphere of learning and mentoring.
SGMP friends are forever. 

13.  Michelle D. Hawkins, Old Dominion Chapter

Becoming a member of SGMP has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my professional career.  As a lifelong learner it is important for me to continue learning to advance my craft and take events to the next level.  For me SGMP is more than planning events and conferences, it is education, networking, building relationships, and family.  Through my chapter I have had the opportunity to serve on my local board, chair numerous committees and earn my CGMP.  Cultivating these opportunities has allowed me to form numerous professional and personal relationships with members from across the various chapters. 
12. Donna Carey, National President, (2002 - 2007)
"Congratulations SGMP on your 40th Anniversary"
Upon joining SGMP in 1988 who would have ever thought that I would have been an integral part of an association for over 23 years. There are not enough words to express what it meant to me or the experiences and knowledge I have gained. Fortunate to have served in all positions at the Local and National level (some twice) and on the Educational Foundation too. Inspire, persevere, professional are but a few memorable words but also exciting, enthusiastic, and educational are also mine! And, now retired for almost 10 years, I am still using all those same words...traveling the world!
11.  Claudette M. Ferris, Rocky Mountain Chapter

SGMP was such a big part of my life for more than 30 years! I came into the organization as a young, very novice meeting planner—didn't know a thing! But through SGMP, I learned leadership skills I never knew I had and became the “meeting planner expert” in my department. In 2011, I was honored to receive the Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year! That was one of my greatest achievements in SGMP, as well as receiving numerous awards in my own Rocky Mountain Chapter. SGMP became my second family. Even though I am now retired (and loving it), I keep my membership so I can stay involved with a wonderful, professional organization. I will always be grateful to SGMP for teaching me so much and for making lifelong friendships.

10.  Beth Miller-Tipton, CMP, Central Florida Chapter

I joined SGMP as a supplier in 1989 — that is not a typo! I made valuable connections with potential customers, but quickly learned SGMP is not just about leads and contracts. I benefited by opportunities to give presentations and learn while teaching others. I volunteered on committees, organized events, and served on the chapter board and later, at the national lev
el. SGMP allowed me to further my career and connect with professionals from around the country, while building relationships along the way. SGMP is not just about growing business. It is about educating members, cultivating leaders, and strengthening the credibility of our industry. I am thankful to be a member.

9. C.B. Wooldridge, National Capital Chapter
I have been a member of SGMP/NATCAP for 30 years. The experience is a genuine tribute to/and celebration of the art, science, skill, talent and leadership in planning, and in event management. Participation on various committees and projects are recognized with certificates, plaques and trophies, of which I have my share.
The experience inspired me to have my own Event Management Business after retirement, and to participate in GWU's Event Management Certificate program.
With my funny hats, sun glasses, neckties, costumes, and my “Every Day is a Special Event “ Calendar, I remain a theme looking for a venue! #sgmpignite #sgmp40th

8. Michelle Fink, Arizona Chaper

?I have been involved with the Arizona Chapter of SGMP for 13 years.  Since my first 2006 meeting, I have been hooked on SGMPAZ meetings and the members.   We have wonderful speakers on hospitality education topics and how to develop great leadership skills.  I experienced working on the Board for 10 years in every capacity or position that needed a leader.   Loving every minute and feeling like I was part of a successful business.   The SGMPAZ relationships established with suppliers and planners have given me important working relationships in every corner of the State and throughout the nation.  You can't put a price on that!   These SGMP experiences have made me a valuable asset to my state agency and filled my life with wonderful people and exceptional experiences.  I can't wait to get back to face to face networking meetings, so I can see everyone again!  Go SGMP!

7. Brett Sterenson NATCAP Chapter, Former GIL and National Board Member

Few professional decisions I've ever made have been more rewarding or impactful as joining SGMP twenty years ago. I'm just now realizing that I've been a member for half of SGMP's existence! I came in a gregarious but green, unseasoned but eager, young sales person and find myself now one of the association's dependable, wise, and entrusted veterans who has run his own business since 2007. Without the career-long enrichment of SGMP, I would not enjoy half the success I've enjoyed. My time serving both locally and nationally have instilled in me faith in my instincts, the zeal to lead people and a cause, and to trust when it's time to let others take the reign. I'm so grateful to the organization and hope to be toasting to it again in another twenty years. SOLD!

6. Ki
m Blanding, Greater Oregon Chapter and former National Board Member
I am appreciative of all that SGMP has given me over the years in terms of friendships, education, and confidence in what I know and what I will learn. I have also
been appreciative of those who have encouraged me to run for office because of what I would bring to the table and the value in what I learned from those experiences. For me personally, all of it put together is priceless -- the lifelong friendships, working relationships, and education (and the laughter). I am so grateful I have been able to be part of SGMP.

5.  Susan Shaffette,  Louisiana Chapter Immediate Past President

SGMP has been a gem for me in professionalism, resources and education. As a contracted planner that is focused primarily on the government sector, adding the CGMP to our credentials has validated our knowledge in the eyes of clients. We've been able to leverage our team's SGMP memberships and our CGMP certifications into increased contracts and sole source notifications. From a personal point, the contacts and friends across the country have been fun and a great knowledge bank for information. I am dedicated to being an active member and consider my membership to be an invaluable asset.

4.  Chris McLaughlin, CGMP, SGMP National Treasurer/ NATCAP Chapter Member
True fulfillment is always in journey rather than the destination.  This completely describes my two decades of membership with SGMP.  The learnings,  xperiences and lifelong friendships that I have made over the years has me a stronger professional as well as a better person.  To me SGMP is so much more than a professional society, it is a family.  I look forward to a bright future with SGMP.

3.  Kit Gonzales, CGMP, Immediate Past President, SGMP/Golden State Chapter
     National Pres Awards: 2004, 2017, Two Chapter POY awards:
     2004, Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

 100% because of SGMP, I've enhanced personal skills in areas of leadership, mentoring, networking, meeting planning, communicating, as well as making MANY life-long friendships.   I've had the good fortune to attend 20 national education conferences since 1997, was twice honored with the National President's Award of Merit, and was honored as Planner of the Year in two different chapters - in the same year.  My employer supported my membership as well, and honored me (as part of a team) with a state government award of recognition.  So, yes, I'd say that SGMP has given me some worthwhile opportunities!  


2.  Melody Kebe, SGMP Past National President, NATCAP Chapter Member

"SGMP has played a major role in my career and is considered a "life-link" to my becoming a successful leader, both in my personal and professional development.  In 1991, a supplier member introduced me to SGMP.  Although the individual is no longer a member I have made everlasting friendships with across the Society.  Being a member of the SGMP family has taught me that there is always someone I can call on, rely on and is available whenever I need to reach out.  SGMP is in my blood, forever!"   

1.  Michelle Milligan, SGMP National President, Michigan Chapter Member

Recently, I had the pleasure to hear former National President Sandi Lynn speak at our Joint Leadership Meeting, she re-coined our acronym of SGMP to So Great More Please!! This truly encompasses what SGMP means to me. That So Great More Please includes serving as your National President, which has been the highlight of my tenure. Closest to my heart are the friendships I have made over the years which will last a lifetime. Those relationships also include networking with SGMP members across the country, I can always find a member for site ideas or hotel recommendations. I have also gain significant knowledge from our Chapter and National education programs. So, what does SGMP mean to me So Great More Please!