SGMP...Celebrating 40 Years Together!!!

What SGMP has meant to our members throughout the past 40 years.

6. Kim Blanding, Greater Oregon Chapter and former National Board Member
I am appreciative of all that SGMP has given me over the years in terms of friendships, education, and confidence in what I know and what I will learn. I have also been appreciative of those who have encouraged me to run for office because of what I would bring to the table and the value in what I learned from those experiences. For me personally, all of it put together is priceless -- the lifelong friendships, working relationships, and education (and the laughter). I am so grateful I have been able to be part of SGMP. #sgmpignite #sgmp40th


5.  Susan Shaffette,  Louisiana Chapter Immediate Past President

SGMP has been a gem for me in professionalism, resources and education. As a contracted planner that is focused primarily on the government sector, adding the CGMP to our credentials has validated our knowledge in the eyes of clients. We've been able to leverage our team's SGMP memberships and our CGMP certifications into increased contracts and sole source notifications. From a personal point, the contacts and friends across the country have been fun and a great knowledge bank for information. I am dedicated to being an active member and consider my membership to be an invaluable asset. 


4.  Chris McLaughlin, CGMP, SGMP National Treasurer/ NATCAP Chapter Member
True fulfillment is always in journey rather than the destination.  This completely describes my two decades of membership with SGMP.  The learnings,  xperiences and lifelong friendships that I have made over the years has me a stronger professional as well as a better person.  To me SGMP is so much more than a professional society, it is a family.  I look forward to a bright future with SGMP.

3.  Kit Gonzales, CGMP, Immediate Past President, SGMP/Golden State Chapter
     National Pres Awards: 2004, 2017, Two Chapter POY awards:
     2004, Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

 100% because of SGMP, I've enhanced personal skills in areas of leadership, mentoring, networking, meeting planning, communicating, as well as making MANY life-long friendships.   I've had the good fortune to attend 20 national education conferences since 1997, was twice honored with the National President's Award of Merit, and was honored as Planner of the Year in two different chapters - in the same year.  My employer supported my membership as well, and honored me (as part of a team) with a state government award of recognition.  So, yes, I'd say that SGMP has given me some worthwhile opportunities!  


2.  Melody Kebe, SGMP Past National President, NATCAP Chapter Member

"SGMP has played a major role in my career and is considered a "life-link" to my becoming a successful leader, both in my personal and professional development.  In 1991, a supplier member introduced me to SGMP.  Although the individual is no longer a member I have made everlasting friendships with across the Society.  Being a member of the SGMP family has taught me that there is always someone I can call on, rely on and is available whenever I need to reach out.  SGMP is in my blood, forever!"   

1.  Michelle Milligan, SGMP National President, Michigan Chapter Member

Recently, I had the pleasure to hear former National President Sandi Lynn speak at our Joint Leadership Meeting, she re-coined our acronym of SGMP to So Great More Please!! This truly encompasses what SGMP means to me. That So Great More Please includes serving as your National President, which has been the highlight of my tenure. Closest to my heart are the friendships I have made over the years which will last a lifetime. Those relationships also include networking with SGMP members across the country, I can always find a member for site ideas or hotel recommendations. I have also gain significant knowledge from our Chapter and National education programs. So, what does SGMP mean to me So Great More Please!