SGMP's 40th Anniversary Celebration Kitchen

The 40th Anniversary Celebration Kitchen is Open!!!

To celebrate SGMP's 40th Anniversary, we are launching a “Celebration Kitchen” social media event with the theme, “Lunch Box Madness: The New & Revamped Lunch Box.” We will be highlighting SGMP members with a virtual showcase of their amazing culinary talents by featuring live and recorded show-and-tell videos on social media throughout the week of June 1-4, 2021. Members can record short videos (15 minutes max) to be shared on social media.

Videos will premiere on SGMP's and member organization's social media channels at different times throughout the week and members and organizations are encouraged to share them, too. After the week concludes, SGMP will gather all the videos and create a playlist on SGMP's YouTube channel, so they may all be watched and enjoyed as a series.

Learn more at and sign up by May 21 to reserve your preferred timeslot to show us your best lunchbox! First come, first served.

Please send questions to