SGMP's 40th Anniversary Cookbook In Progress!

Join us in creating SGMP's 40th Anniversary Cookbook! Submit recipes, buy advertising, and tell us how many cookbooks you'd like! The deadline to submit has been extended to November 15, 2021.

It's time to submit your recipes for SGMP's 40th Anniversary Cookbook!

Join us in creating SGMP's 40th Anniversary Cookbook! This keepsake cookbook will capture memories of our favorite dishes so they can be passed on to future generations.

The Gilmer Institute of Learning Fundraising Committee would appreciate your favorite recipes for our upcoming cookbook. Ask your chapter members, family, friends, local chefs, and dignitaries for their favorite recipes. The more recipes we collect, the better our cookbook will turn out.

Pre-order Your Cookbook Now

The proceeds from our cookbook will assist in sponsoring members to attend future SGMP National Education Conferences. We are anticipating a great demand for our upcoming cookbooks and want to make sure we order enough of them. Each cookbook is $30 including shipping. If you would like to purchase three (3) or more cookbooks, it is $25 per cookbook, including shipping.

Submit Your Recipes

Thank you so much for your recipes for our new cookbook! Here are instructions for submitting your recipe.
  1. Recipes should be tested to make sure they work, the measurements and serving sizes are correct, and that they taste as great as you intend.
  2. Submit only one recipe per form. Send all recipe forms to
  3. List Title, Prep. Time, Cook Time, and Servings.
  4. Recipe submitted by: Name, Chapter Affiliation or Business, City, State.
  5. List all ingredients in order of use, as described in step-by-step instructions.
  6. If the recipe has different elements (a pie, for example, has a crust and a filling), break up the ingredient list with headings such as “Crust” and “Filling.”
  7. Separate each step into a different paragraph. If you are mixing dry ingredients in a bowl, for example, use one paragraph for all the instructions for that step.
  8. Notes: List serving instructions including how to plate, what temperature to serve, or how to garnish.  Also add any additional information such as Family Recipe, Variations, Additions, or recipe tips.
All recipes must be received by Monday, November 15, 2021, to be included in the cookbook. Please email your recipe forms to

Advertising in the Cookbook

Show your support by placing an advertisement or well wishes in our 40th Anniversary Cookbook. This is a great time for SGMP chapters, CVBs, individuals, and hotels to wish SGMP a Happy 40th anniversary. Advertisement space is limited and will sell out fast!! All Ads/Artwork must be received by Monday, November 15, 2021, to be included in the cookbook.


  • Premium- Inside front or back cover- $950.00
  • Full Page (inside cookbook)- $800.00
  • 1/2 Page- $500.00
  • 1/4 Page- $250.00
Not a member of SGMP? This is a great time to join! Simply add the price of membership to your advertisement. 


As shown on the enclosed sample ad layout sheets. For your convenience, we have listed those ad sizes below. We have also listed whether you can include black and white line art and/or a photograph for each ad size that we design for you. Size Description Size Photograph Black and White Line Art/Logos
  • Full Page 4 1 ⁄2” x 7 1 ⁄2” One photo Yes. We will enlarge or reduce.
  • 1/2 Page 4 1 ⁄2” x 3 3 ⁄4” One photo Yes. We will enlarge or reduce.
  • 1/4 Page 4 1 ⁄2” x 1-7⁄8” No Photo


All ads must be ready to print and follow the guidelines below.
  • If the ad is 1/4 page or larger, you may wish to include your logo or artwork on the ad.
  • Please submit any of the following black and white pieces for that purpose:
    • Business Card
    • Letterhead
    • Ad clipped from a previous publication such as a circular or magazine
  • Clippings from newspapers and telephone directories will not provide a quality reproduction.
  • If your copy will reproduce and fit within the space allowed for that ad size, this will be used. Otherwise, the copy and ad will be designed according to the standard design fee.
  • Business cards with colored or dark backgrounds and /or colored ink DO NOT print well. If these items are submitted, SGMP is not responsible for poor print quality.
  • If a photograph is to be included in a 1/2 page or full-page ad, you must provide a good-quality black and white photograph. A printed or photocopied picture will not provide a quality reproduction.
  • Please submit only black and white line art and/or logos if they are to be included in your ad. Pastel colors are usually too light to reproduce. Dark colors next to each other will blend together and may reproduce as all black.
  • Any artwork and/or logos that will not reproduce will be omitted.
  • Computer-generated ads are accepted but must be sized to the templates.
  • DO NOT use screens or photographic images; they do not print well.
  • SGMP is not responsible for poor print quality if these items are submitted. 


Please contact Wayne Callis, SGMP's Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustee, at  or Erica Bradford, CGMP
Email: or if you have questions or would like to help!