The Membership Mania Campaign is in full dance.  The SWING and SALSA brackets are actively working on winning the championship!! Initial brackets are as follows:
SWING:Central Florida, Georgia Peach, National Capital, North Carolina, Old Dominion, Rocket City
SALSA: Arizonia, Golden State, Greater Oregon, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri State Capital, Northern Lights, Oklahoma, Pacfic Northwest, Rocky Mountain, San Antonio Alamo, Texas Lone Star, Members at Large
Results after the first phase of competion:

SWING Chapters moving to the second round:
National Capital - 12 new members
Old Dominion - 3 new members
Central Florida - 2 new members
Rocket City Alabama - 1 new member 
Georgia Peach - 1 new member

SALSA Chapters moving to the second round:
Michigan - 6 new members
At Large Members - 2 new members
Northern Lights - 1 new member
Oklahoma - 1 new member
Pacific Northwest - 1 new member
Rocky Mountain - 1 new member

Chapters moved to the redemption bracket:
Florida Capital
Golden State
Greater Oregon
Missouri State Capital
North Carolina
San Antonio Alamo
Texas Lone Star Capital

The competion is not over, so chapters keep recruiting new or recently lost members. Redemption bracket you are still in the running for an NEC registration.  SGMP Ignite with new memberships!!!