2023 SGMP Emerging Leaders

The SGMP Emerging Leaders program recognizes SGMP members who have been members for less than 5 years but have already stepped in to help their chapters or the national organization in volunteer leadership roles.

The 2023 Emerging Leaders are:
Tim Aylsworth - Rocket City Alabama | Pamela Brown - Rocky Mountain | Dorothy Dean - Michigan | Stephanie Moore-Doman -  Rocket City Alabama | Johnita Romine - Rocket City Alabama
In celebration of Emerging Leaders within SGMP, SGMP set out on a search for the Emerging Leaders that volunteer across SGMP. The program recognizes individuals with less than 5 years of membership, proven leadership skills and a dedication to the betterment and sustainability of SGMP. 

Members were nominated by their peers and honorees were selected by a panel of industry professionals. Congratulations to the Emerging Leaders for 2023! These honorees will also be recognized at the SGMP State of Society at NEC in Bloomington on June 8, 2023.

Let's learn about their stories of accomplishments within the government meetings industry.

Tim Aylsworth | Pamela Brown | Dorothy Dean | Stephanie Moore-Doman | Johnita Romine

Tim Aylsworth

How would you prepare for the future success of the government meeting industry?
The hotel industry has to become better educated on the benefits of doing government business. Hotels have to make it easier to do government business. Make sure you have a current SAMS registration. Are you a part of the PIEE network? Do you know how the government contracting process works?
Pamela Brown

How would you prepare for the future success of the government meeting industry?
This takes me back to our brainstorming during Fall Ed Conference, we need our membership back.  With Covid, our chapters unfortunately lost many members and I continued to have conversations with the attendees at Fall Ed about what we can do to increase membership.  Which leads me to how I can make an impact to grow our membership and promote the resources SGMP offers.  I wouldn't call myself a social media expert, but I have enjoyed managing our platforms since 2019 which includes creating an Instagram and Twitter account along with a new LinkedIn account.  I've developed a key word list of what we can showcase on social media.  This includes professional development opportunities, how to target folks that may not have “meeting planner” in their title but the responsibilities have fallen on them and target them through social media posts.  After all, our next generation of members are heavily active on social media so lets target them. 

Dorothy Dean
Who/What influenced you to become involved in the government meeting industry?
My supervisor Chris Rowley has been instrumental during my time in the government meeting industry.  Chris held my current position as Director of Sales prior to becoming the Executive Director of the Mt. Pleasant Convention & Visitors Bureau.  She has first-hand knowledge of the amazing opportunities SGMP offers and understands the time commitment it takes to be involved in SGMP.  I am very grateful for Chris' support and have gained so much knowledge in my short time as a member.
Stephanie Moore-Doman
Who/What influenced you to become involved in the government meeting industry?
I've worked for the Federal government for 20 years now. One thing we do the most is have meetings. However, it usually carries quite a negative connotation to it. I think we can all relate to attending meeting where we wish we could just get that time back.  However, my innate drive to truly help others and the desire to make sure that they get the most out of how they spend their time is really what pushed me towards the government meeting industry. I was fortunate about 4-5 years into my career to be in a position to join both my drive & desire into one force that has helped propel me to where I am today.
Johnita Romine
Share an accomplishment that you are very proud of …OR…Share your most unique experience as a meeting professional. 

There is a saying , "It takes a village to raise a child." I think it takes a village to make meetings happen. Whether that meeting involves one or thousands, it is the collaboration between the parties that makes it successful. There is one recent event that I feel fortunate to have led. In the fall of 2022, our organization provided the opportunity for middle and high school students to explore the various careers available in companies throughout North Alabama. This event brought 33 companies, 28 community college programs, 7 university programs, and 19 organizations together with more than 7,000 students, 250 teachers/chaperones/school administrators, and 100 volunteers.