Chapter Affiliation

Affiliation with a local chapter is available to every member at no additional charge. All chapter members receive additional member benefits exclusively through that chapter. Each monthly chapter meeting provides member benefits in all three areas — education, resources and networking.

Members may affiliate with the chapter of their choice, regardless of location. You may choose to join more than one chapter, but each chapter membership must be affiliated with its own national membership. Applicants who do not choose a chapter are placed in the At Large chapter, which has no organizational activities.

If you are a member of a chapter, you will be able to vote in elections, attend all monthly meetings, participate in chapter events and receive the chapter’s newsletter and email communication. If you are not a member of that chapter (as a member of another chapter or as a member at large), you may attend up to two meetings as a guest before being required to submit a completed membership application prior to attending the third meeting.

Current SGMP members who want to request a transfer to another chapter (either from another local chapter or the At Large chapter) should contact headquarters at