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Geographic Boundaries

Arizona September 1987

Phoenix, AZ

All of AZ plus NM
Central Florida November 1998 Gainesville, FL All of FL
Florida Capital June 1989 Tallahassee, FL Tallahassee area
Georgia Peach
(formerly Atlanta)
September 1986 Atlanta, GA All of GA plus SC
Golden State
(formerly Sacramento)
June 1988 Sacramento, CA All of CA
Greater Oregon November 1989 Salem, OR All of OR
Louisiana March 2007 New Orleans, LA All of LA
(formerly Great Lakes State)
January 1990 Lansing, MI All of MI
Missouri State Capital June 1993 Jefferson City, MO All of MO
National Capital April 1986 Washington, DC

DC metro area

North Carolina March 1993 Raleigh, NC All of NC plus SC
Northern Lights September 1997 Minneapolis, MN All of MN
Old Dominion

December 1987

Richmond, VA All of VA
(formerly Wild West Oklahoma)
November 2001 Oklahoma City, OK All of OK
Pacific Northwest
(formerly Seattle)
April 1985 Seattle, WA All of WA and ID
Rocket City Alabama April 2009 Huntsville, AL All of AL
Rocky Mountain
(formerly Colorado)
October 1985 Denver, CO All of CO plus NM, UT & WY
San Antonio Alamo October 2011 San Antonio, TX San Antonio area
Texas Lone Star Capital January 1991 Austin, TX Austin area

Past Chapters

Alabama (Birmingham)
Buckeye (Columbus)
Chicago (April 1985- June 2016)
Cincinnati Tri-State
Crossroads of America (Indiana) (September 1996-July 2016)
Greater Los Angeles
Greater Pittsburgh
Heart of America
Heart of Illinois (Springfield)
Houston Gulf Coast (December 2006-June 2016)
Kentucky Bluegrass (July 2009-June 2016)
New England (May 2011 - July 2018)
North Texas (October 1987 - November 2019)
St. Louis Gateway
San Francisco Bay Area (May 1986 - June 2017)
Southern California (December 1992-June 2016)
Tennessee Oakridge 
Tennessee (June 2004-June 2019)