2016 NEC Presentations

2016 NEC Presentations - these presentations are for individual viewing only.
Due to copyright rules, these presentations cannot be used as education presentations

Naomi Angel - GPS Navigation Through the Maze of Contracts
Michael Amaral - Travel and Meeting Safety in a Changing World
Michael Arp and Amanda Denton-Henderson - Network Ninja
James Brixius - Market Your APP
Carla Cannonito - Supplier Strategy Boot Camp
Jill Denning - 2016 Federal Per Diem

Laurie Dunne and Ken Sergi - Service Dog Etiquette
Deborah Gardner - Quality Costs Money
Debbie Kopkau and Amanda Toy - Planner Boot Camp
Debi Petersen - FedRooms 2016
Dave Rylder - Sponsorship Development
Dean Savoca - Leader as Coach
Edward Scannell - Creativity for the Meeting Professional
James Spellos - Hot Technologies
Jerry Van Rossum - Got Ethics?  Understanding Your Teams Behavior in a Market Society
Bonnie Wallsh - Optimizing Your Food and Beverage Budget
Bonnie Wallsh - Creating and Implementing Your Risk Management Plan
Lynne Wellish - Love My Clients . . . Nonexhibiting Supplier Luncheon
Lynne Wellish - Could You Just Do One More Thing?