Chapter Education Schedule

Chapter Education Schedule is Listed by Date

Louisana Hospitality from the Heart 12/13 Louisiana Chapter
Missouri Capital Personal Safety Awareness and Current Trends in Active Shooter Events 12/13 Missouri Capital
North Texas Exploring Holiday Traditions 12/13 North Texas Chapter
North Carolina Working with VIPs 1/9 North Carolina Chapter
Old Dominion Where Do I Put The Flag & The General? 1/9 Old Dominion Chapter
Pacific Northwest Exploring Current Challenges for Meeting Professionals 1/9 Pacific Northwest Chapter
Texas Lone Star Fishbowl 1/14 Texas Lone Star Chapter
Tennessee Human Trafficking and the Hospitality Industry 1/15 Tennessee Chapter
Northern Lights Meeting Planner Forum and Focus Groups 1/17 Northern Lights Chapter
Old Dominion Communicate Like a Leader 2/6 Old Dominion Chapter
Texas Lone Star Planner VS Supplier:  Battle for Hotel Contracts 2/7 Texas Lone Star Chapter
Michigan To Sue or Not to Sue: A Case of Room Poaching 2/20 Michigan Chaper
Rocky Mountain Workplace Violence:  Preparedness & Response 2/26 Rocky Mountain Chapter
Old Dominion Chapter Education Conference 3/5-3/6 Old Dominion Chapter
Missouri Capital Invisible & Visible Disabilities & Customer Service 3/14 Missouri Capital Chapter
Tennessee Cyber Security 3/19 Tennessee Chapter
Old Dominion How CVBs Work 4/3 Old Dominion Chapter
Michigan Plan Ahead and Save Money on AV! 4/17 Michigan Chapter
Rocket City AL What's In Your Toolbox? 4/23 Rocket City Chapter
Old Dominion F&B Challenges - Oh My! 5/1 Old Dominion Chapter
Missouri Capital ADA Lodging 5/9 Missouri Capital
Central Florida/16 Doing the Right Thing When No One is Looking 5/16 Central Florida Chapter
Tennessee Risk Mangaement 5/21 Tennessee Chapter