Chapter Education Schedule

Chapter Education Schedule is Listed by Date

Arizona 2/26/2020 A Lesson in Civility
Old Dominino Chapter 3/4-3/5/2020 Multiple Education Sessions
Pacific Northwest Chapter 3/11/2020 Navigating State's Contracting & Procurement Processes
Louisiana Chapter 3/12/2020 Louisiana Department of Tourism - What's New?
Missouri State Capital Chapter 3/12/2020 Event Facilities, Catering & Planning
Texas Lone Star 3/12/2020 Fishbowl - Planner and Supplier Q&A
Rocky Mountain 3/24/2020 Behind the Scenes of the BEO
National Capital Chapter 3/25/2020 Education Day - Multiple Sessions
Old Dominion Chapter 4/1/2020 Inclusion and Unconsciour Bias
Louisiana Chapter 4/9/2020 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Texas Lone Star 4/14/2020 GMID
Rocket City Alabama 4/28/2020 How to Work & Play Well With Others . . . At Work!
Rocky Mountain Chapter 4/28/2020 Solutions to Today's Meeting Planning Challenges
Greater Oregon 5/7/2020 Creative Catering On A Per DIem Budget
Missouri State Capital Chapter 5/14/19 Marketing Missouri
Louisiana Chapter 6/11/2020 Tips for Planning Large Scale Events
Missouri State Capital Chapter 9/10/2020 Gardens of Your Grandchildren