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Chapter Education Calendars due September 10, 2021 to
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2021-2022 Chapter Education Calendar 
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Core Competencies Revised Sep 2020

Chapter Date Program
Greater Oregon 1/6/2022 What to Expect On Your Next Trip to Portland International Airport
MoCap 1/13/2022 Cyber Security
North Carolina 1/13/2022 Virtual Conferences with ADA in Mind
Rocky Mountain 1/25/2022 Body Language Confidential - Pandemic Edition
Rocket City Alabama 1/27/2022 Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce AFTER a Global Pandemic
Louisiana 2/10/2022 How Can They Help?  Louisiana CVBs
MoCap 2/10/2022 Suicide Prevention
Michigan 2/16/2022 Keeping Up With The Ever-Changing Meetings Industry
Michigan 3/24/2022 Motivation, Inspiration & Manipulation
Michigan 3/25/2022 Life Is Change ....
Michigan 4/20/2022 Diversity and Harassment Prevention for Leaders
Michigan 5/11/2022 To Sue or Not To Sue:  COVID and Contracts
    ****Previous Chapter Education Sessions****
Greater Oregon 5/6/2021 Optimizing Social Equality
Golden State 5/6/2021 1 + 1 = 3
Michigan 5/21/2021 Employee Recruitment and Retention Support
Greater Oregon 6/3/2021 Meet GOSGMP Board - Planning for Future 2021-2022 Meetings
Old Dominion 6/2/2021 The Hospitality Industry: Jobs, Careers, and Changes that have Occurred Since the Pandemic
Greater Oregon 6/3/2021 Meet GOSGMP Board-Plans for 2021-2022 Meetings
Misscouri Capital 6/9/2021 How to Transition from In-Person to Virtual Meetings
Pacific Northwest 6/9/2021 SGMP State of the Society and Membership Benefits
Louisiana 6/10/2021 The Art of Self Care
Michigan 6/16/2021 MiSGMP Risk Management Planning 2021
Louisiana 7/8/2021 The Art of Supervision - Part 1
Golden State 7/8/2021 Unexpected Secret to Grow Your Career and Love Your Mondays
NATCAP 8/25/2021 Rebounding from Pandemic
Golden State 9/1/2021 Security in the New Meeting Space Landscape
Old Dominion 9/1/2021 Requirements of Governor's Executive Order 77 (EO77) and a "Back-of-the House" Tour of the Virginia Crossings Resort and
Conference Center
Pacific Northwest 9/8/2021 Welcome Back-Newest Protocols for Event Safety
Greater Oregon 9/9/2021 Goodbye Scorching Hot Summer, Hello Cool and Crisp Fall
Missouri Capital 9/9/2021 How Missouri Division of Tourism State Government is helping the hotel Industry Recover and Thrive
Michigan 9/15/2021 Building the RFP
Louisiana 10/14/2021 Building the RFP
Golden State
10/20/2021 Co-Creating Future Best Practices Between Hospitality Sales Executives and Meeting Professionals
Michigan 10/20/2021 Unexpected Secret to Grow Your Career and Love Your Mondays
Old Dominion 11/3/2021 SGMP - What's In It For Me?
Rocket City 11/30/2021 Choosing A Charity
Old Dominion 12/1/2021 Break the Ice ~ Our Social Mixer with a Twist
North Carolina 12/8/2021 Making the Most of Your Local CVBs
MoCap 12/9/2021 Impacts and Expectations During COVID 19 Pandemic
Louisiana 12/9/2021 Annual Education Conference
Pacific Northwest 12/9/2021 Event Staging - Enhancing Your Meetings Through Creative Design
Michigan 12/15/2021 The New and Old – Government Travel, Meetings and Billing