Chapter Education Schedule

Chapter Education Schedule is Listed by Date

Michigan Chapter 10/16/19 Creating Experiences That Transform
NATCAP Chapter 10/16/19 Innovating Leadership
Central Florida Chapter 10/17/19 Event Planning Horror Stories
Rocket City Alabama Chapter 10/24/19 Tackle Your Fear of Networking
Old Dominion Chapter 11/6/19 Depart Safe
Pacific Northwest Chapter 11/7/19 Self Care- I Am A Meeting Professional - Is It Really Needed?
Oklahoma Chapter 11/15/19 Meeting and Event Risk
NATCAP Chapter 11/19/19 CSR and Your Events Logistics
Michigan Chapter 11/20/19 CVB 411
Central Florida Chapter 11/21/19 E-Discovery
Michigan Chapter 12/11/19 Recognizing & Responding to Human Trafficking in the Hospitality Industry
Louisiana Chapter 1/9/20 Human Trafficking
Missouri State Capital Chapter 2/13/20 APPS and Online Tools
Michigan Chapter 2/19/20 A Case of Music Licensing
Louisiana Chapter 3/12/20 Louisiana Department of Tourism - What's New?
Louisiana Chapter 4/9/20 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Louisiana Chapter 6/11/20 Tips for Planning Large Scale Events