How to Pay Your Dues

Dues renewal invoices are created and posted to your SGMP membership account 90 days before they are due, and renewal notices are sent via email 90, 60 and 30 days out, and during the grace period month. 

To find your dues renewal invoice:
1. Login to the SGMP member portal at The member login can be found to the left side of this page. Use your email address and Password1, unless you have created custom credentials. 
2. Once you login, you will land on a page that says My Profile at the top. If you navigate away from the My Profile page, you can always return by clicking on the button under Member Login that says "Your Account." 
3. Under the dark blue tab at the left that says Account Details, cick on the tab that says My Invoices. 
4. If you have an outstanding invoice, it will appear on the next screen, and there will be two options: View Invoice or Make Payment. You can either print the invoice to include with your check, or pay online through our secure online payment system. 

If it is not your time for renewal, but you would like an invoice created for payment, please contact and we can create an invoice for you.