All Stars Circle

From October 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020, SGMP invited members to join the SGMP All Stars Circle (formerly the Superheroes Circle)! This initiative recognizes the individual efforts of members who are recruiting new members to join our society and allows us to recognize and express our gratitude for their efforts. It’s easy to be an ALL STAR! Simply, invite one or more friends and colleagues to join SGMP. Prospective members who join our Society AND list the SGMP member (aka ALL STAR!) who referred them on the online membership form are part of the All Stars Circle and will receive a collectible pin to wear to SGMP events and/or decorate their badge or nametag.

In addition to recognition and thanks, the top referring supplier and top referring planner at the end of the contest, receive a complimentary registration to the Society’s National Education Conference and Expo (NEC) and were recognized at the Virtual State of Society June 30, 2020. See the Recognition Levels that are available.
We congratulate our 2020 winners!
Top Planner Recruiter: Lisa Mendez, National Capital Chapter
Honorable mention: Giuseppe Sanfilippo, CGMP, Golden State Chapter
Top Supplier Recruiters
Christina Saragnese, CGMP, National Capital Chapter
Marie Arighi, CGMP, Rocket City Alabama Chapter

2019-2020 SGMP All Star Standings

All Star Referrals Member Category Chapter
Lisa Mendez 10 Planner National Capital
Giuseppe Sanfilippo, CGMP 6 Planner Golden State
Nicole McMahon 3 Planner Northern Lights
Yush Sztalkoper 3 Planner Golden State
Melissa Adams 2 Planner Missouri State Capital Chapter
Marie Arighi, CGMP 2 Supplier Rocket City Alabama
Kim Blanding, CGMP 2 Planner Greater Oregon
Tecumseh Deloney, CGMP 2 Planner National Capital
Joyce Fogg 2 Planner Old Dominion
Tammy Novak, CGMP 2 Planner Michigan
Nicole Roames, CGMP 2 Planner National Capital
Christina Saragnese, CGMP 2 Supplier National Capital
Kristie Wright 2 Planner At Large
Gladys Arrisueno, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Susan Blaine 1 Planner National Capital
LaTwanda Broughton 1 Planner Georgia Peach
Brenda Buschjost 1 Planner Missouri State Capital
Wayne Callis, CGMP 1 Supplier Old Dominion
Jacque Carlisle 1 Planner Greater Oregon
Tammy Chavez, CGMP 1 Supplier Golden State
Leslie Crabbs 1 Planner Old Dominion
Katie DeWeerd 1 Supplier Michigan
Sharon Dickerson, CGMP 1 Planner Georgia Peach
Justin Diggs 1 Supplier Central Florida
Becki Ellison, CGMP 1 Planner Pacific Northwest
Colleen Flage 1 Planner Central Florida
Sarah Gajewski, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Shari Goad 1 Planner Oklahoma
Kit Gonzales, CGMP 1 Retiree Golden State
Sarah Goodell, CGMP 1 Planner Arizona
Nicole Grandy, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Holly Harrington, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Michelle Hawkins, CGMP 1 Planner Old Dominion
Kim Hawks, CGMP 1 Supplier Rocky Mountain
Monica Henderson-Dunkley, CGMP 1 Planner San Antonio Alamo
Nicole Keshler 1 Supplier North Carolina
Almeda Kyser, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Jenny Liang 1 Supplier Texas Lone Star Capital
Marlene Livaudais, CGMP 1 Supplier Oklahoma
Stephanie McBride 1 Planner Central Florida
Debbie McCune 1 Supplier Greater Oregon
Beth Miller-Tipton, CGMP 1 Planner Central Florida
Bob Nichols 1 Planner Texas Lone Star Capital
Kara Null 1 Planner Greater Oregon
Ellen O'Boyle, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Laura Osborne 1 Planner Old Dominion
Diana Parra 1 Planner National Capital
Cassandra Ruelle 1 Supplier National Capital
Kathleen Ryan, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Sarah Scianna 1 Supplier Arizona
Susan Shaffette, CGMP 1 Planner Louisiana
Allen Shepard, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Lauren Siring 1 Supplier Golden State
Delores Sisson, CGMP 1 Planner Georgia Peach
Jacqueline Smith, CGMP 1 Planner National Capital
Jesse Strauss 1 Planner National Capital
Rhonda Sutton 1 Planner Rocket City Alabama
LeAnna Toups-Bennett, CGMP 1 Planner Louisiana
Marilee Tretina 1 Planner Old Dominion
Rochelle Trygar 1 Supplier Central Florida
Jennifer Vanorsdale 1 Supplier National Capital
Kerri Voelker, CGMP 1 Planner North Carolina
Stacy Yerby, CGMP 1 Supplier Michigan
(last updated April 6, 2020)


Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Superheroes!

Joyce Fogg, CGMP - Planner Superhero of the Year

Chris McLaughlin, CGMP - Supplier Superhero of the Year​


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