5 X 5 Membership Campaign

Are you 5x5 with SGMP? Have you invited your colleagues and friends in the government meetings industry to join?
From October 1 through December 31, SGMP members who refer 5 new members, who become full dues-paying members of SGMP, will receive $25 off their 2023 NEC registration.
Every recruitment counts, referring 1 member will earn $5 off your 2023 NEC registration and you can earn an additional $5 per recruitment up to 5 new members. Make sure your colleague lists your name on the membership application in the "Referred by" field.
Show your colleagues and friends a taste of SGMP by inviting them to a chapter meeting or networking event and encourage them to join today!
Discount information for the 2023 NEC registration will be provided by January 15 to those who qualify and watch for your name to be added to the SGMP Membership Winners Circle on sgmp.org.
Standings as 3/13/2023
Name Chapter Referred
Ellen O'Boyle NatCap 1
Becki Ellison Pacific Northwest 1
Nicole Roames NatCap 1
Diane Dick Michigan 1
Marie Arighi Rocket City 2
Tammy Novak Michigan 1
Jennifer Middleton Rocket City 1
Cindy Homant Michigan 2
Lisa Trevino Greater Oregon 1
Marie Cicogni Golden State 1
Wendy Whitaker Central Florida 1
Stephanie Wolfert Michigan 1
Jeanne Larson Northern Lights 1
Shaunna Cofield National Capital 1
Chris Mclaughlin National Capital 2
Kristi Reed Greater Oregon 1
Erin Rommeck Michigan 1
Gabi Aden National Capital 1
Anneli Smith Rocky Mountain 1
Matt Tomlinson Michigan 1