Core Competency Education

Current Chapter Monthly Education Programs
Our chapters across the country hold annually a minimum of 6 monthly meetings focusing on our core member benefits: education, resources, and networking. Each chapter is responsible for presenting the highest quality educational program primarily focused on the government meeting profession at each of their monthly meetings. We offer nine categories--which we define as "core competencies" -- that further focus the content of the government meeting profession presentations. All nine of the categories are integral to the government meeting professional and each program must be pre-approved by the Gilmer Institute of Learning.

Each program offered by our chapters will qualify for either one of the nine core competencies or, up to twice a year, as professional development beyond the scope of government meetings. Our continuing education credit system is built on educational contact hours where one hour of content is equivalent to one credit hour, which standardizes with our peer meeting planning educational organizations.

Interested in recording your CEUs from the 2021 National Education Conference? Download this tracking sheet.

Click here for the 2020 Revised Programming Core Competencies