CGMP Emeritus

Emeritus Status

Emeritus status is an honorary status SGMP bestows on those who have been actively certified and then retire from the field. This allows you to keep your designation although you are no longer working in the government meetings industry. Emeritus status has no expiration date.

Retired CGMPs may qualify to receive Emeritus status if they meet all of the following requirements:
• Are at least 55 years of age
• Retired from full-time employment in the government meetings industry (e.g., you cannot work more than 20 hours per week for compensation)
• Are not eligible to be a member in any other category (e.g. government or contract planner or supplier member)
• Maintain an SGMP membership as a retired member
• Maintained an active CGMP certification through the date of retirement

Your Emeritus application must include:
• CGMP re-certification application - Click Here 
• Proof of age (e.g., government-issued ID)
* A Letter stating:
  1. When you retired and from what position
  2. Contact information of your last previous employer (SGMP reserves the right to contact former employers to verify your retirement)
  3. Emeritus fee of $100 USD