Honors & Awards

SGMP honors top chapters and members each year at its National Education Conference & Expo. Here are descriptions of each award and links to a list of previous winners:


The Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year Award and the Sam Gilmer Supplier of the Year Award are the highest distinctions offered by SGMP. Its recipients are selected by a panel of former Sam Gilmer Award winners in recognition of the members whose service to SGMP over a period of time, especially at the national level, has significantly contributed to the Society’s growth and development.

The 2019 Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year honoree is Chele Clark, CGMP

The 2019 Sam Gilmer Supplier of the Year honoree is Bobbi Barkley, CGMP

Partnership Award

Selected by the National Board of Directors, this award is presented in recognition of a corporation that has tirelessly supported SGMP through sponsorship monies and in-kind contributions.

No award was presented in 2019

President's Award

Selected at the discretion of the SGMP National President, it is a special tribute to an extraordinary personal contribution to SGMP.

The 2019 President's Award honorees are Michelle Fink, CGMP and Tecumseh Deloney, CGMP, CMP

Programming of the Year

The Programming of the Year Award recognizes the top professional development programming presented at monthly chapter meetings.

The 2019 1st place winner is the Louisiana chapter

Innovation of the Year

New in 2017, this award is given to a chapter, or chapters, who have developed and implemented a unique means of including members in chapter activities or in the recruitment and retention of new members. Judging is done by members of the Gilmer Foundation. 

No award given in 2018 or 2019

Communications of the Year Awards

The Communications of the Year Award recognizes the top overall communications provided to chapter members.

The 2019 1st place winner is the Old Dominion chapter

Membership Awards

2019 Highest Net Growth - Michigan chapter
2019 Highest Percentage Growth - Greater Oregon chapter
2019 Best Retention Rate - Michigan chapter
2019 Best Retention Best Practice - Rocky Mountain chapter

Chapter Operations Awards

The Chapter Operations Awards are determined by fiscal-year-to-date review of specific criteria pertaining to overall operations performance with chapters being recognized at three levels for the fulfilment of the Society's mission for its members.

Excellence - Rocky Mountain Chapter
Excellence - Greater Oregon Chapter
Excellence - Old Dominion Chapter


Membership Campaign Awards

The Membership Campaign Awards are presented to the planner member and the supplier member who recruit the most new members to SGMP during a predetermined time period.

2019 Planner of the Year: Joyce Fogg, CGMP
2019 Supplier of the Year: Chris McLaughlin, CGMP