How to Join for Other Members

Educator/Student Applicants

Educator/Student applicants may join by clicking the Join button at the top of this page and selecting Educator/Student as the Membership Option. 

The preferred and most efficient way to join SGMP is to sign up using the online system. Staff will normally review and respond to you within two business days of receipt. If your application is approved, you will receive an email with an invoice for your dues payment, which you can then go back online to process. If it is not approved, you will be notified as to why that determination was made (it may include a request for clarification). Your membership is not confirmed and official until SGMP sends you an email that confirms the processing of your dues payment, which represents the start of your membership term. 

If a paper application is needed, contact and one will be sent to you. If you cannot pay online, checks are also accepted. Please do not email your credit card information.
If you are currently involved in any meeting planning activities, then you do not qualify for this membership category. Please see the How to Join as a Planner or How to Join as a Supplier sections at left. 
Student members are responsible for changing their membership category upon graduation. Educator/Student members do not qualify to vote, hold elected office, chair a committee, or receive a scholarship.
Retiree Applicants
Current SGMP members can be transferred into the Retiree category if they retire from their position while they are an active SGMP member. A person cannot join SGMP as a retiree. Retiree members do not qualify to vote, hold elected office, chair a committee, or receive a scholarship. Members are responsible for changing their membership category upon employment. Regardless of when a member transfers into the Retiree category, the new renewal fee will start with their next renewal cycle. No money will be reimbursed if a member transfers after paying regular dues. 

Individuals who are students/interns or interested educators, who are not directly involved in the planning or implementing of meetings or in the supplying of facilities or services to meeting planners. [Educator/Student applicants may not be eligible for membership in any other category.]
Individuals who are SGMP members in good standing at the time of their retirement. [Retired meeting planners may not join SGMP as a Retiree member. If a Retiree member becomes willfully employed and eligible for other SGMP membership, they shall forfeit their Retiree membership.]