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National Committees/Task Forces

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Board Liaison (BL)/
Committee Chair (CC)

Membership Committee

The purpose of the National Membership Committee is to achieve the membership retention and growth goals as described in the SGMP Strategic Plan.
Primary membership growth goals are to attract 5% (net) new members each year by 2024 and to retain at least 80% of members each year.
This committee is responsible for providing guidance to chapter membership chairs and chapter leaders on retaining existing members by continuous communication with existing members about renewal of membership; recognizing accomplishments of our members; and providing exclusive education and training for government planners and suppliers.
This committee is responsible for providing guidance to chapter membership chairs and chapter leaders on how to utilize a systems approach to reach people who can benefit from SGMP through various resources.  

The committee will meet on a monthly basis for 1 hour and will have assignments form the meetings that could take up to 2 hours a month.

Annette Wallace, Board Liaison

Carolyn Wence, Board Liaison

Marie Arighi, Board Liaison

Nominations and Elections

This committee manages the process for chapter and national elections.  Committee members are assigned 2-4 chapters (during chapter elections) to serve as a liaison.
Committee workload is conducted primarily via email, but also includes approximately one committee conference call per month October-May.  Time commitment is approximately 4 hours per month.  The committee is tasked with developing appropriate timelines, templates and other resource docs for the entire N&E life cycle – both on the national and chapter level. Committee liaisons work with 2-4 chapter N&E chairs throughout the (chapter election) process and serve as a resource for the chapters

Rob Coffman, Board Liaison

Finance Committee

This committee assists the Society with financial suggestions and oversight.

Chris McLaughlin, Board Liaison

Sponsorship Taskforce

This task force will be focused on developing sponsorship opportunities for the Society including but not limited to the NEC.

Chris McLaughlin, Board Liaison

Mark Richardson, Board Liaison

JLM/S Taskforce

This task force will assist in the development of content for the Joint Leadership Meeting/Session held twice a year once in January and the other at the National Education Conference.

Taskforce will meet for a few months prior to the events to develop content.

Annette Wallace, Board Liaison

Marie Arighi, Board Liaison

Additional task forces are created on an as needed basis. Past task forces include Blue Ribbon Task Force.