Session Presentations

2017 NEC Education Sessions - these presentations are for individual viewing only.
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Bill Amaral
Travel and Meeting Safety in a Changing World 2017
Travel and Meeting Safety . . . Quiz
Travel and Meeting Safety . . . Answers
Mary Cearley
Having a Great Meeting on a Right Budget
Jill Denning
GSA Per Diem Setting Methods 2017
Joan Eisenstodt
Inclusive Hospitality 2017
Ruth Gregg
Social Media in Emergency Preparedness
The Emergency Is Now
Dr. Robert Lemon
It's Your Time Now 2017
Time Management Strategies 2017
Sandy Lynn
Life After Government Meetings 2017
Chuck Malkus
Ethical Choices 2017
Becky McCrary
Diversity Southern Style 2017
Listenting:  More Than Waiting to Talk 2017
Lenn Millbower
Meet Like a Mouse 2017
Beth Miller Tipton
RFPs and Meeting Contracts
Kathleen Ryan
Flag Protocol 2017
Government Precedence 2017
Gift Giving 2017
Dave Ryder
Evolution of Ethics in Conference Management
Dave Thomas
Indispensable Ingredient 2017