Chapter Alliance

Several chapters are financially strong yet are struggling to find enough chapter members to serve in board positions due to the pandemic. Therefore, the Chapter Alliance Program has been created and approved by the National Board. The program allows for past chapter board members from one chapter to serve on another chapter board. These volunteers can include retirees as well as current immediate past presidents (IPPs) as long as they feel they have the time to commit.

Here are highlights of the program:

  • Chapter President and Chapter Treasurer must be from the chapter itself and not from another chapter.
  • Volunteers will complete the Chapter Alliance Volunteer Form and and email it to their current Chapter President for processing. After the Chapter President signs form, email completed form to
  • National Board Chapter Alliance Program will assign volunteers to chapters based on geography and/or need.
  • Appointments to other chapters will be for one (1) year and can be revisited if needed.
  • If at any time a chapter identifies chapter members who qualify and want to serve on the chapter board, then the appointment of the volunteer will discontinue. This should not come as a shock to the volunteer as she/he would be actively working as a chapter board member.
  • Current chapter boards interested in receiving volunteers will need to vote to approve the acceptance of members from another chapter board filling chapter board member positions. Then, they will complete the Chapter Alliance Chapter Participation Form. Send completed form to
  • National Board Chapter Liaisons will check in with chapters to ensure all is going well with the appointments.

Here is an example: Past NatCap Treasurer could volunteer to serve and be appointed to serve on Northern Lights Chapter Board as a Director or 2nd VP.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me as I will be managing the program.

Michelle Milligan, MSW, LMSW, CGMP
National President, SGMP