2024 Gilmer Institute of Learning Elections

The Society of Government Meeting Professionals is looking for leaders to serve on the Gilmer Institute of Learning (GIL)! Nominations are now being accepted for GIL Trustee positions. All positions have a two-year term of office, (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2026). Any member may nominate himself/herself or another member for a position. Please note all nominees must complete and submit the nominee information sheet by 5:00 pm Eastern time on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

Positions open for nomination

Scholarship & Certification Trustee

Scholarship and Certification Trustees are responsible for the following:

  • Develop and recommend policies for national NEC scholarships
  • Review applications for national NEC scholarships
  • Manage national NEC scholarship recipients’ requirements and duties
  • Advise chapter boards on NEC scholarships policies and best practices
  • Review and provide updates to CGMP program, as needed
  • Develop and recommend policies for the CGMP certification/re-certification process

Fundraising Trustee

Fundraising Trustees are responsible for:

  • Organize and promote the annual NEC live and online auctions
  • Assist with solicitation of sponsorships for NEC & other national events
  • Consult and advise chapter fundraiser chairs on best practices
  • Consult with national treasurer to develop new revenue streams

Education & Programming

Education & Programming Trustees are responsible for:

  • Provide support for chapters’ submissions of monthly programs
  • Advise chapters on government meetings content for monthly programs
  • Provide input on education core competencies
  • Provide input on NEC education session content, speakers and structure


  • Be an SGMP member in good standing for three continuous years and be in the appropriate membership category for the office they seek at the time of their nomination, at the time of the announcement of approved candidates, at the time the voting opens, and at the time (if applicable) of their installation; and
  • Be in full compliance with all eligibility requirements, including being currently employed in the government meetings industry and not being between professional positions at the time of their nomination, at the time of the announcement of approved candidates, at the time the voting opens, and at the time (if applicable) of their installation [period(s) of unemployment or of being between professional positions are allowable in between these specific points in the nominations & elections timeline]; and
  • Hold an active CGMP certification at the time of installation.
  • Have served at least one (1) year on a Chapter Board of Directors. 
  • Submit signed document of support from company, agency, or supervisor.

How to Submit a Nomination

Step 1 - Submit the Nomination Form (if nominating someone else) or the Self-Nomination Form (if nominating yourself). If you are nominating someone else, please be sure to have the nominee complete Steps 2 & 3. If you self-nominate, you do not need to complete Step 2, as the self-nomination form already includes this information.

Step 2 - If you have been nominated by someone else, please fill out the Nominee Information Form.

Step 3 - Please have the nominee's supervisor fill out the Supervisor Information Form.

Installation Ceremony

The installation ceremony of the incoming Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustees will take place during the National Education Conference at the Sam Gilmer Awards Banquet on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, in Omaha, NE.

The National Nominations and Elections (N&E) Committee is responsible for validating qualified member candidates and assuring a balanced list of approved candidates that is consistent with SGMP bylaws and policies. The committee's role is to also hold all N&E information in strict confidence; to address all possible eligibility, campaigning, or elections infractions or irregularities in order to ensure a balanced list of qualified candidates and a fair and equitable elections process; and to see that all N&E decisions and actions are the right and proper thing to do on behalf of SGMP. SGMP N&E committee works with SGMP staff to collect and verify the eligibility of all nominations; to refer all possible eligibility, campaigning, and elections infractions to the chair; and to administer the voting process via SGMP's website and at the direction of the chair.

Any questions regarding SGMP’s campaign rules/guidelines may be sent to Michelle Chiaravalli at [email protected].

Campaign Policies

(National) candidates may discuss in verbal or written communications among the membership that they are interested in seeking a National Board seat. However, candidates may neither distribute campaign material nor officially campaign to other chapters in monthly meetings or other official SGMP gatherings until the (National) Nominations & Elections Committee has officially notified them that they will be on the ballot and that the campaign period is open.

(National and Chapter) candidates may not speak negatively about other candidates. The emphasis should be on the qualifications and what the individual candidate will bring to the organization.

(National) candidate promotional materials may be distributed to any Chapter President for distribution at chapter meetings following the National Board approval of the official list of candidates and until the end of the campaign period in an election year. The actual dates to distribute (National) candidate information will be outlined in the (National) “Campaign Materials Guidelines” that are provided to the (National) candidates after the election ballot has been approved. As a matter of this policy, the dates outlined in the (National) “Campaign Materials Guideline” and nominations and elections timelines will be accepted as part of the official (National) policy each year.

Each (National) candidate is responsible for assuring the information is delivered to meet the specific needs of each chapter meeting.

Chapter Presidents are responsible for making sure that all (National) campaign materials sent to the chapter are made available to the chapter membership.

(National) campaign materials may also be mailed to individuals during this same time period if the candidate chooses to do so.

Individuals who are running for election are allowed to campaign by utilizing various forms of social media (i.e., Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) up until the end date and time of the campaign period, as outlined in the guidelines/rules. Thereafter, individuals are prohibited from any form of campaigning so as not to unduly influence the voting membership. Any candidate found violating the campaign guidelines/rules will be disqualified and not allowed to run for election.

Campaign material sent by another SGMP or non-SGMP member on behalf of the candidate is prohibited. If the candidate running for election is unable to personally send their campaign materials, he/she must notify the national N&E chair and seek permission to have their materials sent by another SGMP or non-SGMP member. The use of official chapter logo on campaign material is allowed.

(National) candidates are not allowed to participate in or produce campaign video presentations in the SGMP nominations and elections process. Members are prohibited from making or producing these presentations on behalf of a (National) candidate.

Planners may not solicit any funds from any member in their professional capacity to assist in the cost of (National and Chapter) campaign materials.

(National and Chapter) candidates are encouraged not to spend a great deal of money for campaign purposes.

(National) candidates are to notify the (National) Nominations & Elections Committee chair of any planned chapter visit, specifically for the purpose of campaigning, prior to the visit. The (National) Nominations & Elections Chair will contact the assigned (National) committee member, who will notify the Chapter President of the visit. In addition, the (National) Nominations & Elections committee member will notify other candidates seeking election to the same position that this candidate will be visiting a chapter.

(National and Chapter) candidates cannot align with other candidates to form a slate of candidates who have agreed to run together.

It is understood that SGMP members will have preferences among national and/or chapter candidates and it is certainly acceptable that there will be discussions among members regarding nominations & elections issues and candidates. However, SGMP members are prohibited from publicly endorsing any one candidate or candidates (National and/or Chapter).

Chapter Presidents will display all (National) campaign material provided by candidates, if in accordance with SGMP’s “Campaign Materials Guidelines,” for chapter meetings held during the election timeframe.

Current National Board members seeking election are prohibited from using SGMP funds to travel to chapters during SGMP (National) elections, unless they are on pre-approved authorized business travel prior to completion of the nomination form deadline. Requests received for travel after the nomination form deadline must have approval of the (National) Nominations & Elections Committee Chair.

Chapter treasuries may not disburse any funds to support a particular (National) candidate other than to provide travel support for a pre-arranged training function.

Each official candidate running for a National Board position may receive a free voting member mailing list from SGMP Headquarters.

Candidates must adhere to stated campaign policies and maintain dignity and decorum. SGMP must not be placed in any situation that would reflect poorly on its reputation in the hospitality industry.

Unprofessional and/or unethical conduct during the nominations & elections period (National or Chapter) by any nominee or candidate may be referred to SGMP for review of a Code of Ethics violation, and such conduct may be cause for disqualification on the official ballot.

Unprofessional and/or unethical conduct during the nominations & elections period (National or Chapter) by any SGMP member may be referred to SGMP for review of a Code of Ethics violation.


If you are nominating someone else, please submit the Nomination Form. 

Submit a Nomination Form

If you are nominating yourself, please submit the Self-Nomination Form. 

Submit a Self-Nomination Form

Nominees are asked to submit a completed information form to the Nominations and Elections Committee. 

Submit a Nominee Information Form

Nominees' supervisors are asked to submit a Supervisor Information form to the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Submit a Supervisor Information Form