Gilmer Awards

Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year & Supplier of the Year Awards

The Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year Award and the Sam Gilmer Supplier of the Year Award are the highest distinctions offered by SGMP. Its recipients are selected by a panel of former Sam Gilmer Award winners in recognition of the members whose service to SGMP over a period of time, especially at the national level, has significantly contributed to the Society’s growth and development. Award winners are selected by a panel of former award winners. 

The 2023 Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year honoree is Tammy Novak, CGMP

Tammy NovakTammy Novak is President of the SGMP Michigan Chapter. She is a Senior Executive Management Assistant (SEMA) with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The 2023 Sam Gilmer Supplier of the Year honoree is Erica Bradford, CGMP

Erica BradfordErica Bradford is a Fundraising Trustee for the Gilmer Institute of Learning with SGMP. She is a member of the Rocket City Alabama Chapter. Erica is a Convention Sales Manager with the Huntsville/Madison County CVB.


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Past Winners




2022 Nicole Roames, CMP, CGMP, DES Brittany Callahan, CGMP 
2021 Annette Wallace, CMP, CGMP Wayne Callis, CGMP
2020 Kathleen Ryan, CGMP Chris McLaughlin, CGMP
2019 Chele Clark, CGMP Bobbi Barkley, CMP, CGMP, CFMP
2018 Michelle Milligan, MSW, LMSW, CGMP Mark Richardson, CGMP
2017 Tecumseh Deloney, CGMP, CMP  Marie Arighi, CMP, CHSP
2016 Ethel Crisp, CMP, Ph.D.   
2015 Debra Kilpatrick, CGMP Kimberly Forte, CGMP
2014 Rob Coffman, CGMP  Ted Miller, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP
2013 Jim Zukowski, CGMP  Michael Trillo 
2012 Garland Preddy, CGMP Shelley Mann, CGMP
2011 Claudette Ferris, CGMP, CPS/CAP Carla Cannonito, CGMP
2010 Rhonda Wise, CGMP  Brett Sterenson
2009 Grace Nied, CGMP  Kelly Roche, CGMP
2008 James P. Morgan, CMP Carolyn Barrett, CHSP, CHSC
2007 Ruth Harris, CMP, CGMP, CTAS Maria Herring, CGMP 
2006 Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP Darryl Arancio, CHSP, CGMP
2005 Pamala Corona, CMP, CGMP  Lagina Fitzpatrick, CMP
2004 Stacy Janecka, CMP Connie Elliott, CMP 
2003 Robin Wilson, CMP, CGMP Kristi Griffith, CHSP, CGMP
2002 Harriett Edmunds  
2001 Jim Fausel, CMP Rod Sanchez
2000 Sara Torrence, CMP Sue Vos 
1999 Jan Thor, CMP Bruce Orinstein, CMP
1998 Donna Carey, CGMP  
1997 Sadie Rogers Jim Cacabelos, CMP 
1996 Steven Hilberg Karen Semrad Carpenter
1995 Peter Regner Philip Levy, CMP 
1994 Lynette Schick, CMP  Kelly Moneyhan, CHSE, CMP 
1993 Roger Schlatter  Jo Ann Simmons 
1992 Johnna Meyer, CMP  Lyn Matthew, CHSE, CMP
1991 Sandi Lynn, CMP Jan Decker
1990 Ron Claussen Gary Francis
1989 Rance Willis Evelyn Marello 
1988 Andrea Storey  Vicky Dunn
1987 Robert Driscoll Carl Thompson, CGMP 
1986 Saundra Cox   
1985 Andrea Storey  Kathy Fiscus-Rivera 
1984 Edward Heitov  Kathy Warkentin 
1983 Randy Talbot, CMP  David DuBois, CAE, CMP