SGMP's National Offices and Chapters are supported by our Policy Manual, which guides consistent and transparent work. View SGMP's Policies as a PDF. To view each policy separately, please click on the red buttons below. Individual policies are hyperlinked and searchable. 


AC-1      National Education Conference (NEC) Guidelines
AC-2      On Stage Recognition for Chapters Receiving National Awards
AC-3      Travel/Honoraria for Members to Train at the NEC
AC-4      National Educational Conference (NEC) Cancellation
AC-5      Communications of the Year Award
AC-6      Chapter Operations Awards
AC-7      Programming of the Year Award
AC-8      National Education Conference – Rance R. Willis National Scholarship
AC-9      Gilmer Planner (POY) and Supplier of the Year (SOY) Guidelines
AC-10    SGMP Partnership Award
AC-11    SGMP National President’s Award


C-1         Chapter President Travel
C-2         Chapter Second Vice President Travel
C-3         Chapter Insurance Coverage
C-4         Chapter Employer Identification Number
C-5         Chapter Financial Reporting Schedule to SGMP
C-6         Chapter Cashing for Membership Dues Checks (Exceptions Noted)
C-7         Chapter Board Structure
C-8         Chapter Chartering Dues Revenue Sharing
C-9         Chapter Chartering Membership Requirements
C-10       Chapter Archives/Record Retention
C-11       Chapter Recognition Removal Process –Closure Policy
C-12       Chapter Immediate Past President Vacancy
C-13       Chapter Monthly Program Requirement
C-14       Chapter Educational Program Copyright Protection
C-15       Chapter Paying Honoraria to Members
C-16       Chapter Selling or Distributing Member Contact List
C-17       Chapter Board Term of Office
C-18       Chapter Website Guidelines
C-19       Chapter Board Uncontested Election Process (Eliminated)
C-20       Chapter Elections/Voting
C-21       Chapter Board Installation
C-22       Chapter Board Oath of Office
C-23       Chapter Board Members Expressing Personal Views
C-24       Chapter Board Transition Schedule
C-25       Chapter Financial Reporting Schedule from SGMP
C-26       Chapter Board Job Descriptions
C-27       Chapter President/Treasurers (Newly-Elected) Training (Eliminated)
C-28       Chapter Board Meetings
C-29       Chapter Contracts
C-30       Chapter Education Conferences
C-31       Chapter Board Strategic Planning Meeting/Retreat
C-32       Chapter Trustee Appointment
C-33       Chapter Name and/or Logo Changes 


CF-1       Chapter Budget Approval
CF-2       Chapter Budget Forms
CF-3       Chapter Budget Guidelines to Protect Non-Profit Status (“80/20”)
CF-4       Chapter Budget Chart of Accounts
CF-5       Chapter Financial Management Rules
CF-6       Chapter Banking Transactions Rules
CF-7       Chapter Banking Signature Card
CF-8       Chapter Debit Cards Guidelines
CF-9       Chapter Financial Accounts Transition Schedule
CF-10     Chapter Treasurer Responsibilities
CF-11     Chapter Accounting Procedures Requirements
CF-12     Chapter Receipts Requirements
CF-13     Chapter Deposits Requirements
CF-14     Chapter Cash Transactions Tracking Requirements
CF-15     Chapter Check Writing Requirements
CF-16     Chapter Audit Requirements
CF-17     Chapter Financial Transactions Documentation Requirements
CF-18     Chapter Monthly Review of Financial Accounting Forms
CF-19     Chapter IRS Tax Reporting Forms 990 & 990-PF
CF-20     Chapter Savings, CDs and Assets
CF-21     Chapter Dues Revenue Sharing for Existing Chapters
CF-22     Chapter Sponsorship of National Education Conference (Eliminated)
CF-23     Chapter Purchases of Gift Cards (and form) 


G-1         Participation in “FAM” Trips
G-2         Accepting Materials for Publication by SGMP
G-3         Selling or Distributing Member E-mail Addresses
G-4         Selling or Distributing Member Contact List by SGMP
G-5         Maintaining Industry Organization Memberships
G-6         SGMP Logo Usage
G-7         Vendor Contract Signatures
G-8         Conflicts of Interest with RFPs
G-9         Use of Official SGMP Stationary
G-10       Making Official Statements on Behalf of SGMP
G-11       Prohibition of Lobbying Activities
G-12       Sharing Industry Publications
G-13       Loan of SGMP Property
G-14       Volunteering for a National Committee
G-15       Lifetime Memberships for Past National Board Members
G-16       Prohibition of Personal Gain Based on Service to SGMP
G-17       Ownership of SGMP Intellectual Property
G-18       SGMP Representation on EIC/CMP Boards of Directors
G-19       Credit and Crime Checks for Current and New SGMP Employees
G-20       Whistleblower Policy
G-21       Social Media Policy
G-22       Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality
G-23       Hiring Decisions by Executive Director &CEO
G-24       Chapter Group Structure
G-25       Request for Review 


M-1        Membership Categories (with Eligibility, Parameters and Dues)
M-2        Membership Processing and Monthly Deliverables from SGMP
M-3        Supplier Paying for Planner’s Membership
M-4        Membership Drop/Rejoin Dates
M-5        Membership Anniversary Dates
M-6        Chapter Subsidizing/Paying for Planner’s Membership
M-7        Memberships Meeting Multiple Membership Category Criteria
M-8        Non-Reinstatement after Code of Ethics Violation
M-9        Membership Ratio 50/50 Requirement
M-10      Membership Ratio 50/50 Deficiency (Eliminated)
M-11      Retiree & Educator/Student Eligibility for Scholarships
M-12      Retiree Member Attendance at NEC Tradeshow
M-13      Retiree Member Participation on Committees
M-14      Member Name Changes, Member Transfers and Chapter Transfers
M-15      Alternate Supplier Match Program (Eliminated)
M-16      Code of Ethics Compliance
M-17      Ethics Investigations
M-18      Ethics & Appeals Committee
M-19      Definition of Member in Good Standing
M-20      Members Attending Chapter Meetings 


NB-1      Site Selection for National Board Meetings
NB-2      Liability Insurance Coverage
NB-3      National Board Travel
NB-4      National Board Member Travel to Speak at Chapters
NB-5      International Travel
NB-6      SGMP Funds for Non-Board Travel
NB-7      Chapter Immediate Past Presidents Elected to National Board
NB-8      National Board Executive Session
NB-9      Issuance of Credit Cards
NB-10    Term of Office for National Board
NB-11    Executive Director Contract 


NE-1      Nominations & Elections Committee
NE-2      Campaigning for National and Chapter Elected Positions
NE-3      Qualifications for National Board
NE-4      Formal Complaint Process for National/Chapter Elections
NE-5      Election Vote Count and Tie-Breaking Procedures
NE-6      Voting in National Elections
NE-7      Chapter Nominations and Elections Committee 


NF-1      SGMP National Budget
NF-2      Vendor Lists and Chart of Accounts
NF-3      Accounting Software
NF-4      Financial Rules
NF-5      Banking
NF-6      National Banking Signature Cards & Investment Portfolios
NF-7      Bonding
NF-8      National Debit/Credit Cards (Eliminated)
NF-9      National Credit/Debit Cards
NF-10    Changing Access to Financial Accounts
NF-11    National Treasurer Responsibilities
NF-12    Accounting Procedures
NF-13    Receipts
NF-14    Deposits
NF-15    Tracking Chapter Cash Transactions
NF-16    Check Writing Requirements
NF-17    National Audits
NF-18    Reporting
NF-19    Review of Month-End Financial Reports
NF-20    IRS Tax Reporting
NF-21    Savings, CDs and Assets
NF-22    Returned Check Charge
NF-23    Refund Requests
NF-24    Allowable Variances in Actual Spending vs. Budgeted Amounts
NF-25    Headquarters Payroll Adjustments
NF-26    Financial Alert Process
NF-27    Reserve Policy
NF-28    Investment Policy 


R-1        Regional Structure (Eliminated)
R-2        Request for Review (Eliminated) 


GI-1       Gilmer Institute of Learning Travel
GI-2       National Education Conference Registration
GI-3       CGMP Exam Fee Reimbursement
GI-4       Chapter Immediate Past Presidents Elected/Appointed as Trustee
GI-5       Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustees Annual Meeting
GI-6       Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustee Duties
GI-7       CGMP Class Requirements
GI-8       CGMP Certification Program
GI-9       CGMP National Scholarship Fund
GI-10     Site Selection for Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustee Meetings
GI-11     CGMP Alternative Recertification Program 

SGMP Policies PDF