Presidents Award

President's Award

Selected at the discretion of the SGMP National President, it is a special tribute to an extraordinary personal contribution to SGMP.

The 2024 President's Award honoree was Katie Herndon, PhD

Past Winners



2023 Susan Shaffette, CGMP and Brett Sterenson
2022 Christine Pribbernow, CGMP and Chris McLaughlin, CGMP
2021 Marie Arighi, CMP, CHSP, CGMP; SGMP Supplier Members
2020 Melissa Woodruff, CMP
2019 Michelle Fink, CGMP and Tecumseh Deloney, CGMP, CMP
2018 Andrew Silver, CGMP
2017 Kit Gonzales, CGMP and Jackie Fenwick 
2016 Carolyn Barrett, CGMP, CHSC 
2015 Chele Clark, CGMP
2014 Patricia Barron, CGMP
2013 Michelle Milligan, CGMP
2012 Past National Presidents 
2011 All SGMP Members 
2010 SGMP National Headquarters Staff
2009  Maurine Hill and Jamie Schafrath, CMP 
2008 Mary Lou Eckstrand, CMP  
2007 James P. Morgan, CMP 
2006 Sharon Barcellos, CGMP; Cindy Gooch, CMP, CGMP;
Isabelle Howes, CGMP; Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP; Garland Preddy, CGMP;
Cindy Smith, CMP, CGMP; Carl Thompson, CGMP 
2005 Gwenn Eyer 
2004 Donna Brewer-August and Kit Gonzales 
2003 Lisa Green and Wendi Williamson 
2002 Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP 
2001 Steve Hilberg and Linda Rogers 
2000 Charles Gonzales and Andrew Silver 
1999 Roger Schlatter 
1998 Connie Elliott, CMP 
1997 Jan Thor, CMP
1996 Yuhnis Sydnor 
1995 Donna Carey, CGMP
1994 Dennis Homer
1991  Carl Thompson, CGMP
1990 Jim Fausel, CMP